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Esclair Studios specializes in unique handmade Wall Clocks, Art Prints, Pin Back Buttons, Charms, and 3D Shadowbox Artwork to fill all of your fandom needs! We are constantly working on new designs and products, and are even working on self publishing a few books and graphic novels. We are based in Clarksville, Tennessee and we travel to conventions across the United States, selling our unique Wall Clocks and Artwork.

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Each of our products is hand assembled or printed with our own artwork/ fan artwork! We are proud to offer some very unique products!
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Featured Artwork

Our collective of artists use a basis in traditional art to define their own unique styles and translate them into a digital medium.
This leads to visual distinction in styles that make Esclair Studios stand out.


AloisBreath of the Wild

JourneyBeyond-our-Yielding-SecretDark Souls - The Brothers