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        The Icchorians - The Golden Blood - Volume 1

        Book Overview - The Icchorians - The Golden Blood - The war between Humans and the beast like creatures called Icchorians has spanned generations, blood spilling on both sides as misunderstandings turn into wide scale destruction. The normally long lived and powerful Icchorians are starting to dwindle in numbers, and it takes a prophecy to give them hope for change - change that will spark the end of a war and a chance at peace between the two races. Layrion is an Icchorian born into war, and has seen her share of its destruction. She has been told since birth...

        The Icchorians - Volume 2

        This book is the second installment for our self-published original book series, "The Icchorians" ------------- - Book Overview – A mighty fortress for Humanity has arisen out of the darkness and at it's head sits the mighty King Yulian. His desire for the death of all Icchorians has become nearly legendary, and at his side is a host of faithful and extremely fierce warriors. Among them is the young Alois, soon to be eighteen and is the chosen candidate to become the great King Yulian's shadow. But there is something about Alois that makes him desire more from life, and...